Fight Chronic Joint Pain


Joint pain is a condition affecting thousands of Americans every day! We asked several members of the community who deal with Chronic Joint Pain and Joint Stiffness on a daily basis to share their secrets on what helped them alleviate their symptoms. Here’s what they told us.

“When I wake up, many of my joints are extremely stiff and it takes about an hour to get going. My remedy is to wake up 20 minutes before I need to get out of bed. I take 2 pills of CetylMax before eating anything. After about 20 minutes laying under an electric blanket, I do some gentle stretching to help ease my stiffness. When it’s time to get out of bed, my pain has dropped to a manageable level and I can get on with my day, and it is completely natural!”

Jeanette Williams. 64 years old

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“I have been a housewife pretty much all of my life, the sudden temperature changes finally took its toll on my lower back and my hands, my hands were rigid and they hurt, and my lower back sometimes was so intense I would find really difficult to get up from the couch. My daughter told me that I needed something to recover my healthy joints and cartilage. She gave me CetylMax, a 100% natural joint supplement. I started taking one pill before going to bed and one right after I’d wake up, and the results were AMAZING! I feel my flexibility and mobility coming back. It’s almost like if I’m back in my 20’s!”

Debbie Davis. 48 years old


“Frustrated that I wasn’t getting out as much anymore, I made a list of everything I could do at my different levels of pain and distributed it to my close friends and family.  One of them reached out to me with a bottle of CetylMax, I was convinced when he told me that it only contained natural ingredients, so you’re basically becoming healthier from the inside out. I started taking 2 pills of CetylMax with breakfast and 2 pills of CetylMax with my dinner. After a few weeks, I was happy to notice I could do a lot more with my body. Now when someone reaches out to spend time with me I have a lot more options than I did before and I’m far less likely to cancel knowing that I can tolerate what I’m about to do. It also has helped my loved ones knowing they’ll be able to spend more quality time with me.”

Paul Hudson. 56 years old

“Ever since I was diagnosed with endometriosis six months ago, I had to relearn how my body operates. It was a good time to revamp my wardrobe. Right now, I had to stick with saggy pants, bralettes, sweaters, and thick socks because that was that was the only kind of clothing that made me feel comfortable and alleviated the chronic joint discomfort. After trying CetylMax for a month I went back to the clothing that actually makes me look good, I don’t have to stick with “comfy clothing” anymore. I can wear whatever I want and I feel FANTASTIC!”

Jay Powell. 35 years old

“I have multiple sclerosis-related trigeminal neuralgia, widely regarded as the worst chronic pain disease known to man. My doctor told me that in addition to my regular medication a joint supplement might help the overall health of my joints. He said that CetylMax improved the mobility of people with my condition. I took it for a few weeks and I can’t believe how much my range of motion has increased!!”

Ruth Boldrey.  41 years old

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